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9 best piano learning apps 2024

Best For


Comprehensive lessons for all levels
  • Step by step courses and lessons broken down into easy digestible chunks.
  • Diverse repertoire, including modern pieces.
  • Teaches theory sight-reading, and technique while you can learn your favorite songs.
  • Many top-quality articles on diverse music topics.
  • Skoove works with any piano.
  • Interactive feedback helps learn better.
  • View sheet music for almost all lessons.

Simply Piano

Great for familes to learn together
  • Simply Piano: A versatile app for family piano practice.
  • 5 profiles, 1 family plan account—simultaneous learning for the whole family.
  • Complete lessons successfully to unlock the next in Simply Piano.
  • Simply Piano works with any piano, including acoustic ones, using listening technology, not MIDI or USB.
  • Learn classical basics and contemporary chords/solos with Simply Piano.


A highly-visable choice
  • Yousician offers personalized lessons based on your daily time and skill level.
  • Yousician is fun and feels very much like playing a game.
  • Works with digital and acoustic piano and most types of devices.
  • Take skill tests on Yousician to progress faster between lessons.
  • Provides diverse repertoire and basic theory lessons.

Piano Academy

Great, low-stress choice for kids
  • Piano Academy: Ideal for kids with a fun interface, lessons, games, songs, and theory.
  • Piano Academy provides feedback by listening to your performance.
  • Includes on-screen keyboard and MIDI functionality.
  • Offers hundreds of songs to learn.


Best combo of live and online lessons
  • Lessons, artist-led courses, popular songs, and an online community.
  • Two lesson tiers: Pianote and Pianote+. Songs exclusive to Pianote+.
  • Pianote provides access to real teachers, not just an interface.
  • Adjustable playback, looping and metronome features.
  • Pre recorded video lessons – no interactive feedback.

Online Pianist

Best for building repertoire
  • Fun program for casual piano learning. Free version available, premium grants access to thousands of song tutorials across diverse categories.
  • Offers thousands of songs, from Bach to rock and pop.
  • Features include looping, tempo adjustment, hand splitting, and creating a personal songbook.
  • Mainly features full-versions of songs, not shortened arrangements.

Playground Sessions

Learn from the masters
  • Boasts a star-studded lineup of musicians, led by legends like Quincy Jones, Harry Connick Jr., and Mike Garson.
  • Provides video lessons, play-along lessons, and songs with real-time feedback.
  • Explores a broad range of musical topics alongside a vast song repertoire.
  • Play-along features famous backing tracks.

Hoffman Academy

Kid Friendly and fun method
  • Hoffman Academy: Video-based lessons taught by Mr. Hoffman.
  • Free video lessons, but printable sheet music, worksheets, games, and practice sessions require the paid plan.
  • No cables needed; compatible with any piano.
  • Facilitates smooth progression to advanced piano playing.

Piano in 21 Days

Great for learning basics quickly
  • Piano in 21 Days: Fast learning for older individuals.
  • All lessons are pre-recorded; the program lacks real-time feedback on your playing.
  • No cables needed; compatible with any piano.
  • Emphasis on chord playing, empowering students to explore songs independently post-course.

Music is one of those things that can catch our attention at a young age and never really let go. Music helps us to define the critical moments in our lives, connects us to emotions and memories, and often is crucial to forming the foundation of who we are as people.

Many people in the world can play the piano. But frequently, their musical education stopped with piano lessons they took as kids. However, as adults, learning to play an instrument like the piano is one thing that sits close to the top of the list of things that most of us would like to do.

Our options at the moment are pretty limited. But online lessons come to the rescue. You can either figure things out for yourself on YouTube or you can use a piano learning app like Skoove that can help you learn piano in the way that suits you best, without having to take in-person classes.

Start your musical journey
  • Fall in love with the music - Learn your favorite songs; whether they're classical, pop, jazz or film music, all at a level that suits you.
  • Enjoy interactive piano lessons - Learn with courses that help you master everything from music theory, chords, technique and more.
  • Get real-time feedback - Improve your practice with rich feedback as Skoove listens to your playing and highlights what went well and areas for improvement.
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What are the best piano apps in 2024?

To help you figure out which platform might be best for you, we’ve put together a list that evaluates the most popular piano learning apps.

Here’s what we looked at for each platform:

  • Price: What’s their lowest-priced package? Do they offer free lessons?
  • Features: What features do they offer? Does it have an in-app keyboard? What about sheet music?
  • Song selection: Will you be playing cool, modern songs or just the classics? How extensive is their song catalog?
  • Ease of use: Is it easy to get started or are there a lot of steps between you and the piano?
  • Who could use it: Is this for beginners? People who’ve played a little? Folks who used to play, but want to get back to it?

To make sure you have a good number of options to choose from, we looked at and reviewed these seven apps to help you become a pianist online:

  1. Skoove – master the piano with songs you recognize and love
  2. Simply Piano – harmonize your play with singer duets
  3. Yousician – fine-tuning skills with tailored music workouts
  4. Piano academy – great encouragement for kids
  5. Pianote – improving piano skills with expert-led video lessons
  6. Online Pianist – a focus on great song selection
  7. Playground Sessions – structured piano lessons with well-known instructors
  8. Hoffman Academy – a great way for kids to learn online
  9. Piano in 21 Days – unlock the piano in 21 days

Ready? Good. Let’s rock and roll!

9 apps for online piano learning

Skoove – great for helping beginners get started and learn a complete set of piano skills


Skoove is the up and coming challenger of online piano learning apps. Skoove’s lessons are suited for players of all skill levels. It’s one of the best piano apps for adults. You can learn using your phone (iOS or Android) or tablet, and can connect with Skoove using a microphone.

Skoove does a nice job of introducing beginners to the piano, starting with middle C. Skoove is really geared towards beginners as the app doesn’t just show you the notes and an animated keyboard, it shows you an actual piano player playing along from above. Using video lessons is a great teaching style for visual learners to see when to play the notes as they develop their own internal sense of timing.

Beginners will also appreciate the way Skoove provides feedback. You’re not just learning in a vacuum, as you would with YouTube or other online piano apps. Skoove listens and reacts in a very personalized way to how you’re playing. This feedback can be crucial to developing a true understanding of how to play the piano.

What’s nice is that Skoove pairs each piano lesson with a familiar song that isn’t classical music. The early beginner lessons, for example, matches learning the finger numbers on the right hand with popular songs like Lean on Me, by Bill Withers. To learn note lengths, you jam to Queen’s We Will Rock You. From Bill Withers to The Beatles, Skoove’s great advantage is that you can learn piano with a wide lineup of pop music. In the Skoove app, your musical journey begins with iconic songs such as ‘Ode to Joy’ by Beethoven and it continues ‘Light my fire’ with The Doors.

Skoove offers you the opportunity to play along with a band at the end of a set of lessons. However, they don’t just throw you into it. First, they demonstrate the song. Then you practice it. Then you play with the band. This simple progression eliminates that surprise of having to suddenly adapt to playing a song at full speed. Something budding online pianists will appreciate.

    • Free lessons available? Yes.
    • Free trial? Yes
    • Song selection: It’s a great balance of modern and classic songs. 
    • Lowest plan: $12.49/month or $149.88/year
    • Highest plan: $29.99/month or $359.88/year
    • Power feature: Songs you recognize and love

Simply Piano – very popular and gives a solid foundation

simply piano overview

Simply piano is available for both iOS and Android devices as an app that contains everything you need to learn piano. It works by using the microphone to listen to the notes that you are playing or by connecting to the device via a MIDI cable. For most users, or anyone serious about using the app, the MIDI cable is the best option, as the microphone can be less reliable at accurate note detection. Simply Piano allows you to select the level that you’re at as a piano player (“beginner”, “took some lessons as a kid”, or “know how to play, but want to get better”) and you can access content specifically designed to help you at that level? At the beginner level, things are nice and simple. You get an overview of the first notes you’ll need to learn (middle C, D, E) and it progresses nicely up through to F and G. It feels very much like a piano game. Once you have completed the lessons, you get to the Singer Duet feature. This is an excellent feature that helps you get used to playing with other musicians using backing tracks.

  • Free lessons available? Yes.
  • Free trial? Yes!
  • Song selection: A mix of modern and classic.
  • Lowest plan: $119.99/year or $9.99/month.
  • Highest plan: $59.99/3 months or $19.99/month.
  • Power feature: Singer Duet is a nice feature to help players work on timing but it takes a bit of getting used to.

Yousician – where the emphasis is on fun!


Yousician stands out as a prominent music learning application, actively engaging with those seeking music tutorials on YouTube. If you’ve been searching for guidance on playing the piano online, chances are you’ve come across their presence. Yousician is available for Android or iOS tablet or phone. They also give you the option of logging in through a computer using either the mic or a MIDI cable. Similar to the other apps, you can select what level you’re at as a piano player. One nice feature that they offer is Workouts. These let you focus on certain skills that you feel are either important or need work. In some ways Yousician feels a bit like playing Guitar Hero in the way it runs you through the lessons and teaches you how to “hit notes” in an engaging way, making it fun for beginners.

  • Free lessons available? Yes.
  • Free trial? Yes, one week with CC.
  • Song selection: A wide range, from classical to modern, and everything in between.
  • Lowest plan: $89.99/year or $7.49/month.
  • Highest plan: $209.99/ year or $17.49/month.
  • Power feature: Workouts.

Piano Academy – great encouragement for kids

Piano Academy

Piano Academy, established in 2018, offers a robust application that effectively introduces individuals to the world of piano learning online. It covers all the bases you’d hope to see when learning the piano, starting with Middle C and working from there. You can work with both a real piano or use an on-screen keyboard while you’re learning, which is perfect for someone who wants to see if the piano is right for them. Unlike some apps, it starts off using songs that are familiar but not contemporary. Starting with popular songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and If You’re Happy and You Know it. These are standard songs for beginning players. Piano Academy is an app geared towards kids that covers the fundamentals well and gives a solid foundation of piano basics.

  • Free lessons available? Yes.
  • Free trial? Yes, one week with purchase of a monthly plan.
  • Song Selection: A mix of popular music and classical music. None available on the free plan.
  • Lowest plan: $14.99/month.
  • Highest plan: $6.99/week.
  • Power feature: It’s very engaging for kids.

Pianote – a comprehensive platform for nurturing a lifelong love for piano

Pianote is an online piano learning platform that provides comprehensive, step-by-step lessons for learners of all skill levels. It caters to everyone, from the absolute beginner picking their first notes to the advanced pianist looking to further refine their technique.

The platform is guided by a team of experienced and passionate music educators who share their knowledge and tips in an engaging and user-friendly manner. Every lesson and course is expertly crafted, giving learners the feeling of having a personal piano tutor right in their living room.

Pianote’s broad spectrum of content includes foundational courses, theory classes, technique workshops, song tutorials, and much more in pre-recorded video lessons. This diversified learning approach helps maintain interest and motivation while providing a balanced skillset.

One of the standout features of Pianote is its learning community. It offers regular live streams where students can interact with instructors, ask questions, and get real-time feedback. Furthermore, its vibrant online community fosters peer learning and camaraderie, making the learning journey more fun and less lonely.

Pianote goes beyond merely teaching piano skills; it nurtures a genuine passion for music. Its lessons are not only informational but also inspirational, encouraging learners to make music a part of their daily lives.

In a nutshell, Pianote offers a rich, engaging, and supportive environment that caters to every piano learner’s needs. Its blend of comprehensive lessons, expert guidance, and interactive community make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to embark on or continue their piano journey.

  • Free lessons available? No
  • Free trial? Yes, one week free trial
  • Song selection: A wide range of genres, songs, and styles
  • Lowest plan: $20/month
  • Highest plan: $30/month
  • Power feature: High-quality video lessons with stellar faculty

Online Pianist – a focus on great song selection

Online Pianist

Online Pianist is less of an online piano lesson app and more of a way to learn songs online. OnlinePianist offers a platform for song tutorials you can use once you know how to play the piano basics. It can be used on iOS and Android devices, as well as a computer with a mic. The program provides a dashboard that allows you to control settings like tempo. It gives you the ability to break the song down by individual hands, so you can first learn what the left hand is doing, then the right, and combine them in the end.OnlinePianist has an excellent selection of songs to choose from, ranging from popular artists like Taylor Swift to anime theme songs. It is nice that you get the same selection of your favorite songs on the free tier as you do on the paid plans. However, the paid plan gives you access to songs across all your devices and you never lose access to the songs. The key takeaway? Great for learning new songs if you already have the fundamentals.

  • Free lessons available? Yes, with ads.
  • Free trial? Yes, one week with CC.
  • Song selection: Everything from popular hits to cartoon theme songs.
  • Lowest plan: $59.88/year or $4.99/month.
  • Highest plan: $39.96/3 months or $9.99/month.
  • Power feature: A great selection of songs to learn — once you know how to play.

Playground Sessions – structured piano lessons with well-known instructors

Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions is a powerhouse of a piano app that was put together by legendary music producer Quincy Jones and features lessons by notable pianists like Harry Connick Jr. Like other platforms, you can use it with your computer, as well as on an iPad.Playground Sessions provides a 30-day free trial, with a credit card. This gives you the ability to explore in-depth before committing. Most classes in Playground Sessions are provided by instructor David Sides who walks you through each piano lesson before you try things for yourself. Video lessons are a nice touch compared to other alternatives, which rely on the app itself to walk you through the content. The beginner section includes an impressive 84 lessons, so plenty to choose from when you start.

  • Free lessons available? No.
  • Free trial? Yes!
  • Song selection: Runs the gamut from Christian gospel to rock music.
  • Lowest plan: $149.99/year or $12.49/month.
  • Highest plan: $24.99/month
  • Power feature: Lessons taught with a well-known instructor.

Hoffman Academy – a great way for kids to learn online

Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy uses what’s known as the Hoffman Method and is very much geared towards children.The Hoffman Method relies on a multisensory technique that taps into children’s natural curiosity and helps kids connect with music and learn to play online. This method of teaching piano that doesn’t just rely on memorization, rather, it provides a complete online musical education. It also introduces technical concepts and music theory when kids are ready, not when the teacher says it’s time to learn arpeggios. Hoffman Academy is a great platform for people who like to have human interaction. Not only is the video content taught by Mr. Hoffman, but you can also interact with the Hoffman Academy right as you go through the lessons — they seem to be online most of the time, as they respond pretty fast. Unlike the other platforms we have looked at, this is the only one that does not have an app that comes with it. It is done entirely on the computer and is the closest to having an actual piano teacher. Hoffman Academy teaches by providing an instructional video (led by Mr. Hoffman) that is followed up by a guided activity. If you like having that human element, Hoffman Academy might be for you.

  • Free lessons available? Yes.
  • Free trial? No, but the free plan is very generous.
  • Song selection: Mostly geared towards children, with songs like Hot Cross Buns and Mary Had a Little Lamb.
  • Lowest plan: $179/year or $15/month.
  • Highest plan: $18/month.
  • Power feature: Great for kids with a lot of free material.

Piano in 21 Days – accelerated learning for the modern pianist

Piano in 21 Days
Piano in 21 Days, as the name suggests, is an online piano course offering a fast-paced learning experience primarily for adult learners. It aims to provide a foundation of playing piano and focuses on teaching the essentials needed to start playing favorite songs in just three weeks.

The unique approach of Piano in 21 Days is centered around popular music and chord-based learning, deviating from the more traditional, classical training methods. It caters to the modern learner who seeks to quickly learn to play familiar tunes rather than focusing on mastering musical notation or complex classical pieces.

The platform provides an array of video lessons that guide learners from the basics of piano chords to more complex techniques. This progressive format allows students to grasp concepts quickly and apply them immediately to songs they know and love.

The course’s interactive nature further enhances the learning experience. Its creator, Jacques Hopkins, provides personal support through regular live Q&A sessions, ensuring that learners receive answers to their questions and continually progress in their learning journey.

All in all, Piano in 21 Days stands out as an excellent choice for those with limited time who wish to quickly learn to play songs on the piano. Its modern, interactive approach to piano education makes it an ideal platform for the contemporary learner.

  • Free lessons available? Yes via a 5-day downloadable PDF
  • Free trial? Yes via a downloadable e-book
  • Song selection: Pop and Rock
  • Lowest plan: $97/month or $497 one time
  • Highest plan: $97/month or $997 one time
  • Power feature: It only takes 21 days!

What is a piano learning app

When it comes to musical education, using online piano learning apps or watching instructional videos (such as on YouTube) are both popular methods. The big difference between a piano learning app and regular lessons is the structure. With regular lessons, you’re attending an in-person lesson once a week (usually) with a teacher. Online lessons happen online, as mentioned, and are student-driven, meaning they happen at whatever pace the student is most comfortable with.

How does the piano learning app work?

A piano learning app is a software application designed to help individuals learn how to play piano through their mobile device or computer. It is a form of musical education that offers flexibility and convenience to users. The best apps for learning the piano work in easy-to-navigate ways. If the piano learning app you have chosen seems difficult to navigate, there is something wrong. Piano learning apps are so easy to use that anyone can learn with them.

Compared to regular piano lessons, where a student meets with a teacher in person on a weekly basis, piano learning apps allow users to learn at their own pace and schedule. With a learn piano app, students can access pre-recorded video lessons, interactive exercises, and other resources that they can use to enhance their piano playing skills.

Picking the best piano learning app that’s right for you

When it comes to choosing the best way to learn how to play piano, it helps to approach the decision the same way you’d look for a teacher. Forget about online versus offline lessons. 

Think about what you need to have to do your best learning and think about what you want to get out of playing the piano.

  • What style of piano lessons works best for you?
  • Does it help you to play along?
  • Do you want to learn a song right away?
  • Do you consider song tutorials to be helpful?

Answering these questions can help get you pointed in the right direction when choosing the best piano learning app. But this is just our experiences of online piano learning, you can also take a look at Keyboardkraze’s article on the subject.

Skoove gives you access to all styles of music, music theory, and feedback. At Skoove, we want to empower you with all the skills you need to master the piano. Our focus isn’t just on understanding the mechanics of how to play the piano but also on the ear training that comes with it. 

This training helps you gain a deeper understanding of music and makes playing, and listening to music, that much more enjoyable. Skoove makes it easy for people who want to learn but struggle to find the time in their hectic lives. 

It helps foster the connection that you had to music when you were younger by using your favorite songs that fueled your passion for music in the first place. Excited to dive into your first few online piano lessons? Start your Skoove free trial today.


Yes, you can certainly learn piano with an app. For example, you can practice at your own pace and learn to play the piano with Skoove.

Yes. It is possible to learn piano without a real-life teacher. Everyone learns from somewhere and you can certainly teach yourself with the aid of video tutorials and apps.

We may be biased, but Skoove is the best app for learning piano. The lessons are fun and engaging and you will build a solid foundation of musical knowledge.

No, piano learning apps are not the same as in-person, private lessons. It really depends on how you learn. Some people don’t learn well when someone’s hovering over them and correcting little details in real time and prefer to work on their own and at their own pace. Others need the push that only a teacher can provide. Ask yourself what kind of learning works best for you.

The best way to approach these apps is with an electronic keyboard, headphones, and your laptop or tablet. That said, we have a digital keyboard that you can use to get started. It’s not quite the same as a physical keyboard, but it can get you started.

All of them. Online piano lessons teach you everything you’d learn during in-person lessons. This includes reading music, developing piano skills like scales and chords, ear training, and learning music theory. The only real difference between in-person and online lessons is how you learn.

You might have also come across the term "MIDI controller" and wondered what it is. A MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controller is a device that can control sounds on your computer or other electronic devices. Some online piano lessons, like Skoove, allow you to connect a MIDI controller to your device for interactive lessons, which can significantly enhance your learning experience. If you're interested, Skoove has an easy-to-follow guide on how to connect your keyboard to the app through a MIDI controller. However, keep in mind that a MIDI controller is not a necessity to start learning. As you progress, you can decide if it's something you'd like to invest in.


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Author of this blog post:
Susana Pérez Posada

Susana Pérez Posada

With over seven years in piano education and a deep passion for music therapy, Susana brings a unique blend of expertise to Skoove. A graduate in Music Therapy from SRH Hochschule Heidelberg and an experienced classical pianist from Universidad EAFIT, she infuses her teaching with a holistic approach that transcends traditional piano lessons. In her writings for Skoove, Susana combines her rich musical knowledge with engaging storytelling, enriching the learning experience for pianists of all levels. Away from the piano, she loves exploring new places and immersing herself in a good book, believing these diverse experiences enhance her creative teaching style.

Edited and fact checked by Eddie Bond, multi-instrumentalist performer, composer, and music instructor
Published by Lydia Hovan from the Skoove team

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